Debt Collection is a specialized and many faceted service.  At Citylaw we have acted for Debt Collection companies throughout our entire history and our association with Debtworks (NZ) Limited makes us unique.

We know about debt collection.  We realize that it is not simply the art of knowing how to issue proceedings when all else fails. While that knowledge is important it is also vital that a relationship be established with the debtor so that the debtor is more likely to want to pay their debt.

The psychology of debt collection is very simple.  The debtor must be encouraged to prioritise the debt which is being collected.  It must become the debt that the debtor wants to pay above all others that the debtor might have.  One way of achieving that prioritization is fear. We leave that to the gangs and other groups who indulge in fear inducing methods of collection.  We believe that by forming a relationship with the debtor that the debtor is more likely to pay our client’s debts.

Our association with Debtworks (NZ) Limited is a major factor in our success.  We have at hand a state of the art debt collection service which achieves fantastic results for our clients.  In the event that that service is unsuccessful in collecting the debt our clients can rest assured that they will receive the absolute best in legal care from that point on.  This is not an empty assertion it is a promise.  Our experience in the debt collection field is second to none and our relationship with Debtworks places us at the very forefront of the legal debt collection field.

Debt Collection is a specialist area of the law.  Our experience, philosophy and strategic alliances make us debt collection specialists in every sense of the word.

Our Staff

Marie Tolhurst (Devoy)Marie Tolhurst (Devoy)
LLB (Hons) (Auck)

Marie completed her law degree at Auckland University in 1983 and was employed by Kendall Sturm and Strong before starting a family in 1985.
Marie has worked at Citylaw since 1994.
Marie counts among her many pastimes, cross-country running, masters rowing, indoor netball, soccer and gardening.  Marie is also an avid follower of her children’s sporting activities.

Andrea MainwaringAndrea Mainwaring

Andrea has been working for City Law for just over a year but has worked in legal accounting for the past 21 years.
She lives on a lifestyle block with her husband and three small children who keep her busy out of work hours.  She loves to entertain, attend fitness boot camps and spend time with her family and friends.

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