At Citylaw we pride ourselves on our philosophy to mediate and resolve disputes prior to litigation.  We believe that a mediated dispute outcome is far superior to any other outcome owing to the fact that it is:

  • Entered into by the parties themselves
  • Likely as a result to be adhered to more willingly and more quickly
  • More unlikely to be appealed and prolonged
  • Usually by far the most economic outcome for all concerned
  • Inherently a resolution given that the parties must buy into it themselves

As a consequence of resolution by mediation the parties are obviously able to move on more quickly from their dispute which at the end of the day consequentially means less down time in negative activity detracting from the positive activities of both parties.  This consequence can have a major impact on the bottom line of a business where productivity and profit can be drastically effected by a protracted dispute with another party.

There are many companies which now have a mediation requirement built into their dispute resolving systems. We applaud those companies and strongly advise any companies which do not have such a requirement in their company policies to adopt the same policy.

It goes without saying that World War 1 could most definitely have been avoided had the parties been prepared to sit around a table and mediate the dispute.  The lack of willingness to do this by leaders who were more happy to lead their young men and women to the battlegrounds of Europe resulted in the death of over a million soldiers and civilians.

Our solicitors at Citylaw are mediation specialists.  We have attended and conducted mediations in many forums over the years. We have specialist mediation training and are comfortably able to handle mediations as mediators or participants.

Our Staff

Marie Tolhurst (Devoy)Marie Tolhurst (Devoy)
LLB (Hons) (Auck)

Marie completed her law degree at Auckland University in 1983 and was employed by Kendall Sturm and Strong before starting a family in 1985.
Marie has worked at Citylaw since 1994.
Marie counts among her many pastimes, cross-country running, masters rowing, indoor netball, soccer and gardening.  Marie is also an avid follower of her children’s sporting activities.

Andrea MainwaringAndrea Mainwaring

Andrea has been working for City Law for just over a year but has worked in legal accounting for the past 21 years.
She lives on a lifestyle block with her husband and three small children who keep her busy out of work hours.  She loves to entertain, attend fitness boot camps and spend time with her family and friends.

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